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C;H iOS_beta v. 06_18

Chaos;Head iOS Full (ENG): http://www.mediafire.com/?irs2fnr1qf76ucd
How to install? Read in previous posts.
1. It covers only common route.
2. We haven't tested it.
3. Only for manual installation, only for jailbroken iDevices!

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    1. You're welcome! Write back please is it works or not...

  2. Does it worked with the newest version of C;H?

  3. ill be trying it soon hopefully it wont crash like steins gate did

  4. Анонимный20 июня 2012 г., 20:29

    Unfortunately v1.4 doesn't recognise the files properly. When ever you hit start it cycles back to the main menu...
    Tough luck if you updated Dx...
    Will be trying again to see if this is an accident T^T

    1. Анонимный20 июня 2012 г., 20:37

      it for sure does not work on 1.4... at least with orthodox method...
      I'm going to play around with the ipa and see if there is a work around... but it's looking... "grim"

    2. Анонимный20 июня 2012 г., 21:04

      Ding dong bob's your uncle it's done.

      Apparently some stupid signing issues nothing to do with versions. Anyways. if you do experience problems its probably because your iPhone is not directly signing the app (again ~dummy~).
      The painful (but not by a lot) work around is simply install the app from itunes (pc) directly to your iphone. REMEMBER TO AUTHORIZE THE ITUNES WITH YOUR ACCOUNT!
      If your app is properly signed it should be all peachy and you can mess around/patch the files with no problems.
      As for how to sign a cracked version of the app if it's not signed already (I know you piraters are out there... yes you the one staring at the monitor). I'll explain it on request but be warned... it's A PAIN!

    3. Анонимный20 июня 2012 г., 21:08

      Lmao, freaked out for a moment there.
      It works but I just wanted to say that you can install cracked ipa directly through itunes as long as your AppSync Cydia is up to date.

    Therefore you guys will never see robotic;notes on iOS and PC!
    The costs to develop a game, even a VN, are beyond your imagination.

    For the guys, who have problems with 1.4, what does actually happen or not happen? I only have the lite version of Chaos;Head Unlocked through inAPP....here it was cheaper oO


  6. Анонимный24 июня 2012 г., 1:22

    It works for me. Using ver. 1.1 Nice Job Guys! Also, until what chapter is the common route?

    1. Thx.
      The common route consist of all 11 chapters. You'll get the ending like in normal version of Chaos;Head (without NOAH part).

  7. Анонимный25 июня 2012 г., 16:39

    just found this when rummaging vndb.
    thx & good luck guys!
    have been waiting too long for playing Noah since the original translated ver from TLWiki :D

    1. You're welcome! Note that the Noah part haven't done at the moment!

  8. I will be updating the patches as soon as possible: With SG 1.3 Support^^

  9. I must say thanks a lot for all the work. I've played through all of chapter 1 on v1.4, and haven't had any problems so far.

  10. yeah so i can't play chaos head on ip.i 'm waitng Corpse Party. may i asked some thing the visual novel"gift" has an eng but i seach on installous and appstore it only has an JPN so do you know why

  11. C;H 1.4 work very well, i don't see any problem but the TIP isn't trans to eng

  12. "Gift" was Never released in US due bad selling in JP

  13. "Noah part" that guy said what does it mean? it is important or not?

  14. Its additional to the original Story...See it as an DLC...the PC Version is as understandable as the Noah Version, its only longer

  15. Анонимный12 июля 2012 г., 1:37

    1.5 is out...
    Not sure if it's compatible as my iphone is bitching about how there is not enough space to update =,=
    When (and if I do) update I'll repost if there is an underlying issue with patching 1.5
    Though honestly it really just seems like the app bulk up (yet again) with better text insertion.

  16. Mmm...the retail Version only got an update...it should still work. (See rnotes in AppStore)

  17. Heelo, Guys

    Going hou is? Any updates o news?

    1. English Please :)
      Sorry, couldnt understand you at all.

    2. From what I understand, the person in question was attempting to type the following:

      "Hello guys,
      How is it going? Any updates or news?"

    3. Everything works at the moment, so there won't be any updates on IOS S;G and C;H :]

      Ant08 has less time at the moment, so CorpseParty will be delayed. He even didn't update the sites header :]


  18. Is it possible to patch the Android version now that it's out?

    1. I don't own an android phone or player, so I can't help you, sorry...

      But if you post the folder structure of the App-pakage, I could have a look on it. I only mean a screenshot, where the folders and the files are to be seen :]



    2. here's the screenshot for the folder structure of the App-pakage

      and here's the script files :

      hope you guys can also patch the android version....

  19. First the good news:
    -It should be possible :3

    Now the bad things:
    -It would take longer, than the iPhone Version to be built
    -I don't have an Android Device, so testing would be very bad

    Unfortunately, there could be the possibility, that Ant08 has an Android Phone. So just hope, that he comes back to "work" (he's very busy atm), and has an android device :3


    1. Thanks man it was a really good news
      at least it was better than nothing...

      well looks like i will wait patiently to the next progress,
      good luck for for the project :D

  20. Will there be any further updates to finish the localisation?

  21. Dunno, because it's ant08s work :3 And as my Japanease is quite....some kind of a broken language, I can't help you. I will provide an update for the new 4" Display of the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5 as soon as 5pb updates the Apps (C;H and S;G)

  22. Ответы
    1. Speaking of this next update, will the Noah part of the game be translated on this update or was your comment referring to when 5pb updates the apps for C;H and S;G to work on the new iOS devices properly?

      I would greatly appreciate any answer. I've played the PC version to completion and I'm playing the iOS version now but I'm hoping that the Noah part will be translated before Noah's release date on PS3 which is on November 22 (Heh, Thanksgiving) or whenever my copy comes from Play-Asia comes in *hopes for the PS3 version to be Z rated/uncut*.

    2. The update first refers to the New Idevices; But I'm sure the Noah Part will be translated soon, too. Unfortunately I habe no ETA for it, as i cant speak japanease that well to translate it proper to English.

  23. I'm willing to test for Android as I really want to play Chaos head on my android in english :D

    1. Ill Post here, when i found a Way to Port the iOS Translation to Android. :3

      but keep in mind: That will take its Time!

    2. Ok! If you need any help in testing, I'm willing to help!

    3. I also have another question: Will you make a S;G patch for Android too? :O

    4. Wrong info: ATM only CH, as it's the only app for Android

    5. OK, but when it comes out will you do it? Because right now on the 5pb website it says it's under development so it might come out soon :)

    6. Sry....that I can't say atm. C;H Android is big mess....really crappy code :)

    7. Ah... but this is the only way for me to play Chaos;Head :/

  24. Sorry, if posting in wrong theme, but I'm way too lasy to look for another place to write xD
    So, I have a few questions (yep, I know u sure work a lot, and I will probably be pain in the ass, but ...)
    1. Is there any plans for 11eyes translation yet?
    2. Who exactly is working upon the Corpse Party russian patch? How could I contact that person in order to let a hand?
    3. Does last Steins;Gate's patch have Eng tips or not?
    4. If I (theoreticallly) want to translate KiraKira (for example) from Eng to Russian, who should I contact to ask about text rip from ipa file?
    Forgive me, if I'm being a bother, but I hope to find answers.
    Also good luck for translators and thanks a lot for great work. U sure are amazing guys.

    1. Hi
      1. No. Our First Goal is to Update CH Noah
      2. Its Ant08 friend; so I dont know her Contact possibilities.
      3. Yes, 1.3 SG is recommended to work (iPhone Version) -> 4" Patch will come, when SG 1.4 is released
      4. Contact me if you wanna to, but Ant08 is russian -> im not xD


    2. Thx a lot. Yet, i still curious - my S;G (ver 1.3, iPod Touch 3rd Gen) still uses jap tips, not eng...
      So, first think I'm gonna do after registering - contact you and Ant08... Btw, I'm Russian too xD
      And so, sorry for being flooder, it's probably wrong place to ask such a questions >.<
      And again - thx for answers :)

  25. Really? Sometimes you have to restart the Story so that the tips are cached from scratch. :3

    1. Restart... To have 19 hours lost... No, thanks.
      I guess I'm gonna finish the story, then repeat it with max speed autoread. So, tips will be eng unlocked anyway >.<
      Also, just came to my mind - if u can give me an english S;G script as a txt file, then I can work like a eng->rus translator. It gonna take a lot time though.

    2. I had to restart the game very often :3 So ATM I could only finish chapter 2 of the game.

      Send me a mail to I-vntp.support@live.de

    3. The hell I know why but my mail (russian one) don't want to send u messages. Looks like mailing to your mail is like sending mail to past - troublesome and requires Microwave Ophone, lol xD
      So, if we can share Skype adresses (if u have one of course) then it will be fine, I guess.
      Btw my skype is nameless_cursen, feel free to write anytime i'm online. With this in mind I retreat - few important things left undone, but I'll return when fix them. See u soon ^^

  26. Just found out that there's already finished chinese fan-translation of android CHAOS;HEAD Noah (by the way I can't read chinese)

    and here's the script files : http://www.mediafire.com/?b34a7wad2qzy3p0

    Hope this can help you guys a little for figuring out a Way to Port the iOS Translation to Android

    good luck with the project !!!

  27. Thanks...but it doesn't help xD
    I found a way - yes, like I said, there will be a release - unfortunately the first release will only cover the intro. We still need to finish the translation of the Noah part in IOS to proceed even further.

    ATM: the status is about 2% for the Prologue release.

  28. SG 1.4 is out - Bugfixes; iOS6 Support; 4.2 is now excluded; nö 4" Retina Update

  29. Hi :3
    First of all: Steins;Gate 1.4.1 is out! It's a bug fix for iOS6 Users.
    Secondly, as some already might have noticed, iFunbox Dev has officially dropped appremix support (our translation patch binary file). Because of that, if been working the last couple of days on a new alternative. Progress is slow but the results will be fantastic:

    •easy installation of the patches for jail broken and unjailbroken iDevices

    •auto update feature, which will update the translation files automatically, when an update is available (for e.g. C;H) and reinstall the patch after an update via AppStore

    •button to change between jap and eng text in the settings menu in settings.app

    •installer for android devices (this doesn't mean, that I finished it; only the code to bring it to your device will be ready)

    I'll post some % Progress from time to time. At the moment I have a lot other stuff to do - so it might take longer than expected ;(

    Regarding the Android Patch I still need help: is there any lite version of C;H available in the Playstore? And is there a way to download (the lite version) from the pc?
    Of course the autoupdate (ota) feature and the button to choose one of the two languages will be comming to Android as well.

    Till then, please keep on writing comments :3


    1. here's the apk file of C;H Noah lite that I've got from playstore : http://www.mediafire.com/?3euov8ssbtmfa0f

      hope this will help speed up the translations...

  30. Thx, I'll have a try :3
    Progress so far:
    Planing functions: 80%
    Writing JB Code: 15%
    Writing non JB Code: 1%
    Writing Android Code: ???%

    Total: 25% (without Android!)

  31. The ones, who got referred from I-vntp to tsuuun. I-VNTP isn't anymore. I came to the sense, that its rather unuseful to have two blogs. Therefore I still be working in those things I mentioned, but the Blog will be gone :3
    And as tsuuun and I-vntp are the same (work together and so on), you'll be redirected, until I've changed the links on VNDB.

  32. Hello guys!

    It's been a while. I just want to know if the current patch will work on CHN ver 1.5 (iOS)?

    Also, I would like to report that there are some untranslated conversation texts that starts near the end of chapter 2 (common route, Nanami - Cellphone - Takumi - Fastfood) scene and in between chapters (current ver 1.4). I wonder if green/red choices makes it revert back to Japanese texts? A follow up would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for translating C;HN tsuuun translation.
    El Psy Congroo.

  33. Hey....they are part of Noah, which is needed to be translated. unfortunately Vers. 1.5 should work fine, as My copy works, although I'm still at chapter 2.

    Have a nice day,

  34. Hi Tsuuun Transl8ion,

    I just found a big ERROR, the app CRASHES near the end of chapter 5 (scene: after fatso office lady & a certain shady detective). When Takumi is reading the @channel scroll board, after the 35th POST, the application itself ALWAYS crashes leaving a black screen for a second and returns back to home (springboard). Thus, making it IMPOSSIBLE to continue on. Had tried SKIP and FSKIP to skip through it, to no avail and still crashes after the 35th mark. Seriously psycho!
    Current version: iOS - Chaos;Head Noah ver1.5 with current patch.

    El Psy Sono Me Dare no Congroo Me? - Robotics Remix!

  35. Could you try it without the patch? Actually it should work. Did you buy it from the appstore?

  36. Wazzup guys,

    Just wanna tell that I was able to bypass the problem I mentioned in my previous post and just thought this might help others facing the same problem. Though it did take some time (busy IRL), the solution I found was to play the game unpatched (as Lolgc suggested). Me thinks the reason C;HN with patch crashes is because the 36th POST is substancially a long text (that even in Japanese text, it occupies 5 lines): since the patch uses more lines than the original, the game won't allow it and will crash.

    To bypass the error, SAVE the game BEFORE the crash point (before the @channel scroll board appears, cannot save during). Then play the game WITHOUT the patch and make your way out of the scroll board. Once you reached a new CG (hospital background), save the game. Close the app then apply the patch. After that, the bypass is complete and C;HN should be playable again!

    Save datas and settings are located in C;HN's "Documents". Unlike S;G, the C;HN save files are interchangeable between patched and unpatched. Use this to your advantage to save time and effort.
    I used the term BYPASS because this method will require you to skip some sentences as in reading them in Japanese text a few (4-6) times to reach a new CG background. Those lines are just internal thoughts and I believe they are not that significant. It's your own risk to apply the patch too early or whatever.
    The aforementioned problem exist on both vers. 1.4 & 1.5 with the patch ver. beta 6_18.

    I know it's TL;DR. Until the new patch comes, this is the only option I was able to come up with and one that works for me. Tsuuun Tranl8ion, I hope you could fix this issue in your next release. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you very much.

  37. What does TL;DR mean? You refer to the 36th blogpost, right? If so, than you might be true. But as I use an alternative font, I don't issue the problem. If you have that problem, fix it like it has been mentioned above, until I found the text phrase. The next patch might get support for alt. fonts, but not before Xmas.

    @Nanaya: do you still have the save? Can you send it to me via mail: I-vntp.support@live.de? So I may fix it


  38. @Lolgc:
    As always, fast on your responses. tl:dr = literally means "Too Long; Didn't Read." another term for "wall of text" which my previous post appears to be.
    As I've mentioned before, yes, I believe that the 36th blogpost is the one causing the crash problem. I apologize that I wasn't able to provide the screenshot. I can tell this cause I saw a similar instance in S:G (pc) when I was tweaking and applying its patch.
    But I have something in my mind, does C:HN (iOS) is capable of changing text font style? If so, this is indeed something I will anticipate in the next patch!
    Anyways, I still have the save files. Surely, I will send it to you. It's in .rar and you will know immediately that I was the sender. Load the "new" and it will jump you near the @channel blog scene. Thanks again!


  39. You got a D-Mail :3
    I found ans fixed the bug
    Luckily, the font/size of text wasn't the problem.

    I'll talk to ant08; the owner of this side, to post a new post (^人^)

  40. orz omg! I was about to lose hope and about to jump over to Chaos;Head (pc) because of almost non-existent progress in Noah (both xbox-to-pc and iOS). Cool stuff, imma 'bout to put the thing you sent me to my device.
    I'll be honest here, I'm glad I was able to become a pseudo-beta-tester here! And I'm seriously considering to be a real one should the team and time permits.
    Still and all, I appreciate the good "Customer Service" LoL! Much oblige! I'm looking forward to see that 69.8% progress (that can be seen at the very top of this page which hasn't been change like forever) to move up and increase! Bump to you later, folks!

  41. ATM, ant08 an myself have lots of work -> and because nobody would understand the game, if I would translate it (my jap is still beginner lvl) the process is still little. Actually, that's not right, CH has been translated past these 69%, but he didn't update the header :3

    Btw: Tomorrow I'll upload the fix and the alpha of the 'VN Control Center'

  42. Hello,
    I have a question, what does common route means in here? Or what's the coverage of the 'common route' used in this patch? I know the heroine routes aren't translated yet. But I want to know if this patch translates the later parts of the game, namely, the silent sky, crying sky, and blue sky. Are these translated in the current patch.

  43. I think - but I'm not quiet sure: the patch contains all routes, accept the ones who came from Noah's Version.
    (Noah adds a route to every Heroine of the Story)

    In the update, which should have been released last Friday, only bug fixes are included. As I'm not an admin on this site, I can't write any posts myself, and ant08 is veery busy ATM.

    But when it's posted, than you'll get some new Information about the future of iOS VNs in 2013

    So stay tuned

  44. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  45. Patch Updates (28.11.2012):

    SG Crashfix in Chapter 2 & Videos fixed:


    CH Crashfix in Chapter 5:


    Did you realize that one year has passed since we (at that time ant08) released Steins;Gate full patch for iOS?

    If not, don't worry, because this was just the beginning!

    Let's have a look at next year.
    Here is a plan for, what will be most probably be done in 2013:

    1. CH Patch (not sure when it'll be ready)

    2. Publishing the Control Center App, with features like OTA Updates, switching from ENG back to JP, without App reinstalling, notifications via NCenter, etc.

    3. Port VNDS to iOS. The port will be part of the Control Center, which will allow Users to submit VNs (that they or someone else ported to VNDS), so it might end with having a lot of VNs running on iOS, without an official port.

    => [2 & 3 are jailbroken features]

    If I have time, I'll write a small program, similar to iFunbox, but only with the possibilities to install only the patches on nonjailbroken iPhones.

    Unfortunately, I gave up porting the patch to android, as I couldn't test CH on Bluestacks (Android Appplayer on Windows), as it wouldn't install properly. If someone can help me with that, post a comment below.

    (ant08 will post a new entry, when he's done with his work)


    (28.11.2012: UPDATE: links & Steins;Gate!)

  46. "3. Port VNDS to iOS. The port will be part of the Control Center, which will allow Users to submit VNs (that they or someone else ported to VNDS), so it might end with having a lot of VNs running on iOS, without an official port."

    I love you guys 5ever
    I'm a big fan of your work and this is something I've wanted for some time.
    Many thanks for everything so far and keep up the good work

  47. I just got the platinum trophy for Chaos;Head Noah on PS3 yesterday. Still can't wait for the translation to be done on this though.

    I like how once you complete everything in the game, the main menu interface changes to something peaceful. I wonder if it's like that in the iOS version.

  48. Is there a way to actually play this on PC? Like, would it work with some IOS emulator?