четверг, 29 ноября 2012 г.

Patch Updates (28.11.2012) by Lolgc

SG Crashfix in Chapter 2 & Videos fixed:

CH Crashfix in Chapter 5:

Did you realize that one year has passed since we (at that time ant08) released Steins;Gate full patch for iOS?

If not, don't worry, because this was just the beginning!

Let's have a look at next year.
Here is a plan for, what will be most probably be done in 2013:

1. CH Patch (not sure when it'll be ready)
2. Publishing the Control Center App, with features like OTA Updates, switching from ENG back to JP, without App reinstalling, notifications via NCenter, etc.
3. Port VNDS to iOS. The port will be part of the Control Center, which will allow Users to submit VNs (that they or someone else ported to VNDS), so it might end with having a lot of VNs running on iOS, without an official port.
=> [2 & 3 are jailbroken features]

If I have time, I'll write a small program, similar to iFunbox, but only with the possibilities to install only the patches on nonjailbroken iPhones.

Unfortunately, I gave up porting the patch to android, as I couldn't test CH on Bluestacks (Android Appplayer on Windows), as it wouldn't install properly. If someone can help me with that, post a comment below.