понедельник, 26 марта 2012 г.

Just wanted to say "Welcome back!"

Hi, everyone! It looks like I haven't written anything in ages. Hahah...
So, what we have now:
Chaos;Head Noah (iOS): We're workin' now on the 10st chapter (it's the last chapter of original Chaos;Head). The other script files are the new content - the "Noah" part which haven't been translated at all (on the PC version I mean). Will we release the partial patch? Well, time will say.
The secret project is Corpse Party (iOS) translation project from Japanese to Russian. The first chapter will be released pretty soon (at least I hope so).
Well, it's the end for now.
Good luck everyone and have a nice daay~
P.S. Fuckin' PS3... I've started playing it a lot recently...

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  1. Will you be translating Corpse Party into English or just Russian?

    1. Well, I dunno at the moment. The translation into Russian is done by another person. I'll think about translation it into English then I'll finish the work on Chaos;Head Noah.

    2. Hope you're willing to translate Corpse Party to English, too.

  2. Yo I just wanna say the complete patches b4 using dropbox aint working....because of an error 404
    do you mind re uploading the steins gate final patch or pls send them to my email john_sabater@hotmail.com


    1. its the one from the "The final patches!"......all the download links dont work

    2. At the moment it doesn't ready. lolgc is working on it. You can get moar info here: