суббота, 19 ноября 2011 г.

Steins;Gate English (iPhone/iPod/iPad versions):

Ok, we finished. Here some notes:
1. Attention! We didn't test it! If you've found some errors/mistakes feel free to write about it here or at ant08@list.ru
2. Word wrapping doesn't work
3. Phone menu isn't translated (we don't know how to do it... sad, but true...)
4. Some TIPS names aren't translated (we'll be changing it while reading Steins;Gate,  due to BlickWinkel style of translation)
5. Some achievements aren't translated.
Links to download:
Scripts: http://www.mediafire.com/?59gucu79lcklzq8
Movies: http://www.mediafire.com/?gus11zhmdm6jvgh
How to install it:
Move files from folder "STEINS;GATE" to "var/mobile/Applications/STEINS;GATE/STEINS;GATE"
Move files from folder "Documents" to "var/mobile/Applications/STEINS;GATE/Documents"
(by using i-FunBox for example)

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  1. First of all: Thank you making my b-Day may Day;)

    You did a Great Job ;)
    Are there any Plans on translating Chaos:Head Noah iPhone Edition or 11eyes?
    Chaos:Head is needed to understand the sequel of Steins:Gate.
    Pls answer me

  2. Happy B-day! We at Tsun-tsun; dere-dere wish you happiness and moar love in your life)))
    Yup, we're planning to make Chaos;HeAd in English for iDevices as our's next project! Hope you'll like it!
    Thank you everyone one more time! Stay tuned!!!

  3. Do you need to download the orginal game on itouch to play this?

  4. Yes, you need original Japanese version of S;G on iPhone.
    Like this: http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/steins-gate/id454136236?mt=8

  5. My ipod keeps crashing when i install the english patch, it just crashes in the part when Okarin and Mayushi are in the conference, in the very beggining, i need help, please!!!!

  6. oooo yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhh thanks it's so exiting can play this game

  7. Are you going to translate it to French ? That would be awesome for us, to play this game with our language. But thanks a lot, because I'll use this english patch to play it.

    1. Oh, sorry but I don't know French (but I like this language... it sounds beautiful).

  8. I got Steins Gate Version 1.3 here as I just recently found out there is an English patch for this game. I downloaded the patch and couldn't install it. I wouldn't update to version 1.3 if I know the patch wouldn't work. Any suggestions?

    1. Do you have the jailbroken iDevice?

    2. No, do I have to jailbreak my phone in order to install the patch?

    3. If you want to install ver 1.3 then yes, if older versions then no.

  9. Game crashed when Okabe & Mayuri was hit by Moeka'car. I can't skip or anything, it just crash right there.

  10. The thing that happened to tezuka happened to me too. Can somebody fix this?

  11. For anyone still having that problem mentioned in tezuka's post, try this:

    1. Reinstall Steins;Gate and clear all the modified files.
    2. Go back to Steins;Gate and pass by the car scene or until you pass the part where you crash. Make sure to save.
    3. Reinstall the English patch and then go back to the game.
    4. It should work now.

  12. Where to put the movie files?

  13. My game has crashed 2 times (chapter 0 and 1) I have reinstalled it 2 times but i lose my save progress. I also have to use ifunbox to delete the game and resinatll game and patch.

    How can I:
    a) Keep progress after reinstalling
    b) Delete the patch files without deleting the game
    c) Do a) and b) without a computer

    Thanks El Psy Congroo

  14. does the patch for steins gate work for any version or just limited ones?